Corporate Value

    Dating back half a century ago, in an era when pearl diving was a common norm, Abdulkarim Hasan Alhasawi established the Alhasawi Group of Companies in 1962. The discovery of oil ignited an economic boom in Kuwait, and ever since the Alhasawi Group has ridden on multiple waves of success. Starting from humble beginnings as a small repair and installation store in downtown Kuwait, the Alhasawi Group has broadened its scope to become a leading multinational company.

    The Alhasawi Group, one of the arms of the Alhasawi Group of Companies aims to continue along the path it started on to remain a self-reliant manufacturing company. Currently, the Alhasawi Group has several sophisticated, modern, and self-sufficient manufacturing plants located in Kuwait. The Industrial operations of the company comprise of: Refrigerators (commercial and household), Water Coolers, Air-conditioners Units, Water Heaters, Cold Stores, Sandwich Panels and Telecommunication Shelters. In order to maintain the highest quality of production, Alhasawi has fulfilled the necessary requirements to obtain world-class accreditations such as: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and CE certification. In addition, the Alhasawi Group has obtained approval from the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW) for load and power consumption for all of its products respectively. The company is keen to maintain the image of a quality manufacturer and constantly updates its models to pertain the latest innovations.

    The Alhasawi Group has retail operations for its manufactured products, which cover the local market. The company also has retail outlets that sell spare parts and other accessories located strategically in different venues in Kuwait. Another prominent division of the Alhasawi Group is the supermarket supply and installations department. The company enjoys a strong reputation earned through the successful accomplishment of turnkey projects in Kuwait, which comprised of providing design, maintenance and installation of mechanical and electrical units for supermarkets ranging from refrigerators, freezers, shelvings, and shopping counters.

    The Alhasawi Group is eager to provide the utmost satisfaction to their loyal customers, and thus has always provided superior maintenance. With a professional and qualified workforce, the maintenance division has proven to be quite successful. The engineers carry out maintenance jobs on a 24-hour basis to ensure full customer satisfaction.

    The Alhasawi Retail Group, another major arms of the Alhasawi Group of Companies, was established to diversify and expand the horizon of the company. The Alhasawi Retail Group includes Ace Hardware, a reputable American brand that provides tools, equipment, and hardware accessories under one roof. Also, the Alhasawi Retail Group is the authorized distributor of Sears, an American department store that provides numerous types of apparel, bed & bath, sport equipments, electronics and other many household accessories. The company also has the franchise rights for PEAK (a top sports clothing brand) and DADIDA (a children apparels store) for Kuwait. The retail operations have proven to be successful enterprises and have allowed the company to expand its presence, further capturing the Kuwaiti market.

    Manufacturing Plants:

      1. Refrigerator & Display Case Factory
      2. Air-conditioning Factory
      3. Water Cooler Factory
      4. Cold Store & Refrigerator Transport Factory
      5. Water Heater Factory
      6. Sandwich Panel Factory
      7. Telecommunication Shelters

    Retail Entities:

      1. Alhasawi General Trading and Contracting Company Sears Authorized Distributers.
                  ? Apparel, Home Center, Outdoor, Footwear, Sports
      2. ACE Home Center
                  ? Sporting Goods, Lawn & Garden, Paint, Tools & Hardware.
      3. PEAK
                  ? Sports clothing brand
      4. DADIDA
                  ? Children apparels store

    Trading Activities:

      1. Alhasawi Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Company
      2. Supermarket Supply & Installation Projects
      3. Maintenance & Installation Company